TAU Impact

Revolutionizing Social Responsibility Education in Israel

students sitting on the grass

As Israel’s academic leader in social involvement, Tel Aviv University is taking community engagement to the next level. A groundbreaking initiative, known as TAU Impact, designed to embed civic involvement in the University’s teaching curriculum.

The first program of its kind in Israel, TAU Impact promotes social activism among undergraduate students. Through accredited social impact workshops that combine theory-based knowledge with hands-on field activity conducted in collaboration with partner NGOs and government bodies. The result is a critical mass of students and researchers who devote their time, skills and knowledge for the good of society – and who act as catalysts of positive social change.


Our TAU Impact program will forge a stronger Israeli society:


1400 enthusiastic TAU students participated in 165 projects, investing 60,000 hours through more than 150 NGOs and governmental agencies. Their experiences and the skills they have amassed will guide them as they move through TAU and after they graduate. They will be better prepared to advance toward prominent positions in all sectors of society.


With the program’s expansion, 4,500 TAU undergraduate students in the coming years will make their own unique contribution to enhancing the lives of thousands of people annually throughout Israel. 


Practical components of the program include mentoring vulnerable youngsters; helping seniors realize their civil rights; enhancing quality of life for the mentally and physically disabled; and empowering women to make Israeli society more equitable. Through TAU Impact, the University will not only bolster civic responsibility among its graduates but also dramatically expand TAU’s contribution to society.


In light of TAU's prominent standing as a leading player in Israeli civil society, this model will most likely be replicated among many of Israel’s other universities and colleges, significantly enlarging the pool of educated young people with a strong social commitment.

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